Get Started With the Basics of Icynene

The basic idea behind home insulation is to save on both cooling and heating costs. Wide variety of insulation techniques are available, however icynene is much talked about and effective of all. It is even proposed as a greener alternative to several other insulation methods. It most importantly helps in reducing the air movement between indoors and outdoors.


Insulation and Icynene Basics:

Since there are several kinds of insulations available so how could you judge which one is most effective? The effectiveness of any insulation is measured by an R-value which is an industry standard value that reveals how successful a substance is at curtailing the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value of insulation, the better and effective it will be. If we talk about this insulation technique, it has got at an R-value of 3.6 to 3.7 per inch. The kind of insulation we are talking about is foam insulation that is sprayed into cavities and it gets attached to the structure, thus helps in reducing air movement.

Installation of this Foam Insulation:

There are licensed companies that are only allowed to install it and only professional installers will be doing it. This foam insulation has got adhesive and cohesive properties due to which it sticks to any substance it come in contact with and even to it. This fact also proves to be a great advantage as these properties don’t allow it to break down and to loosen its grip with time. Thus, on whatever building it may be applied, icynene foam insulation will remain intact for years and years.

If you want an existing structure to get insulated, the installers will pour the original one into the hollows and openings within the house.


Pros of Foam Insulation:

When we talk about this kind of foam insulation, it has got various characteristics which homeowners and contracts would like to consider thereby, making it as the most effective insulation technique.

  • Impact on the Environment: Water is the foaming agent for this thus; ozone depleting chemicals are not used thereby, protecting the environment to a great extent.
  • No Loss of R-Value: It has got flexibility that makes it remain intact as the building shifts. This suppleness averts compression and it retains its consistency and shape with time.
  • Noise Reduction: This is yet another major advantage of this insulation technique. Since the small gaps and spaces are filled, it reduces noise.

With all these advantages, one must call up a dealer and get insulation done right now if required.


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