Choosing the Type of Spray Foam Insulation

There are different types of insulation available in the market today that choosing the best type can be a real challenge, however; the goal remains the same. You need a product that can completely fill the gaps and every space in between framing. Blankets of insulation like fiberglass and rockwool, blowing insulation that uses a powerful machine called insulation blower, foam board insulation and spray foam insulation are some of the types you can purchase.


Which Type Should You Choose?

Among the types of insulation available, the most common is perhaps the blankets of insulation. However, when it comes to air sealing, most homeowners use spray foam to insulate their home. This can completely cover the spaces and every little nooks and cranny in the framing. It uses a combination of chemicals that are heated and sprayed out through a machine using a hose. The chemicals are mixed together at the tip of the hose to create a thick paint like substance that sticks anything it touches including pipes, ducts, wires, steel, wood and other substrate. The foam expands when sprayed forming a layer of air tight insulation. The first thing you need to know when buying spray foam kits is that there are two types of spray foam.


Types of Spray Foam

  • Open cell spray foam – This is the budget friendly type of spray foam. It shows nice performance in filling in around pipes, wires and other obstacles. This is so called open-cell because the bubbles formed inside the foam never completely close. When the foam expands the air is trapped in between the open bubbles which divide the spaces into tiny air pockets. These will slow down the heat that passes through.
  • Closed cell spray foam – This is much denser and stronger than the first types mentioned. It is because the bubbles formed in closed cell are packed tightly together for tight sealing. This type of insulation will not absorb water nor allow air to pass through. The bubbles are filled with gas as it expands making them smaller and better insulator. Closed cell spray foam shows impressive results in insulating home and commercial buildings.

It is also possible to insulate your home by yourself using the spray foam kits, however; the service of a professional is still highly recommended. Some information here might help you. For smaller insulation jobs, you can purchase disposable spray foam insulation kits that come with special tools that you need to install spray foam in your place. You can use this to quickly keep wind and moisture out.


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