Lowering your Electric Bills by Installing new Insulation

Are you preparing to build a new home or renovate an existing home? When you begin the project, you’ll have a variety of different things to consider. While many of these are important, some will dramatically impact your bills in the future. For instance, the type of appliances can help to determine your electric bill and your water pipes may or may not impact your water bill. Of course, the type of insulation that you use in your home will also dramatically impact your electricity bill. It is crucial that your home is well insulated to ensure it maintains the heat or cool that you desire. If this does not happen, you’ll end up using your HVAC unit more and more often. This can dramatically increase your electricity bill. Heating and cooling units use a lot of power and can instantly inflate your monthly bill.


What to Insulate

When you begin the process of insulating your home, you’ll need to work towards insulating the right areas. Of course, it is crucial that you strongly and properly insulate your home’s walls. Air can easily escape through the walls of your house, if it hasn’t been properly fitted. The floors and ceilings should also be insulated. It is crucial to make sure that all areas of the home are filled with insulation. Once you’ve figured out the important areas to fill, you’ll need to begin figuring out what type of insulation to use. Over the years, new products have been released. The days of the old pink insulation are almost over. Now you’ll find recycled insulation and all types of strange insulating substances.


Best Insulation for your Roof

When attempting to insulate your roof, it is important to choose the most effective and powerful insulation. You already know that heat tends to rise. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that the heat does not escape during your cold seasons. Many people have turned to Icynene, as their number one choice for roofs and ceilings. This water-blown insulation has a number of benefits, which make it perfect for roofs. For starters, it will never lose its shape and is always flexible. This insulation is also capable of fitting in all gaps and will help to close all cracks. The best aspect of this insulation is the fact that it does not contain any harmful gases, which are commonly found with other polyurethane foams. With this product, you’ll be able to rest assured that your family will be safe and secure.


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